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Where to Buy Lemons? | Buy Lemons Online

Now you can buy lemons online...

Just a click away.  Fresh from the orchard.  Picked right off the tree and delivered right to your doorstep.  Now that's convenience!

Click on any of the images or hyperlinked text below, make your selection, wait by the door and savor the refreshing taste, flavor and irresistible fragrance of fresh, juicy and ripe lemons with all of their healthy benefits.

Buy Fresh Lemons

Fresh-Picked California Lemons. (10 lbs.) Thirty-seven (37) "lemons freshly picked just to fill your order.  "Best price and [fresh] fruit available."

"Fresh picked only to fill your order.  Delivered Priority Mail in 2-3 days from order.  Home delivery.  All naturally grown environmentally-friendly lemons from our orchards at Hickory Hill Farm, California, USA.  Always know where your lemons have been.”  

buy fresh lemons

Wax-free, non-spray, non-irradiated.  Where to buy lemons?  Hickory Hill Farm. California fresh lemons shipped to the destination of your choice.  Buy a case of lemons.  Read lemon reviews and ratings by customers who purchased this product.

Click here to buy lemons picked fresh from California lemon trees.

Buy Organic Lemons 

buy organic lemons

Organic Lemons. "Organic Lemons are different because they are all natural and full flavored.  Lemons are used in many cuisines around the world. Our farmers use traditional earth-friendly farming methods inspected by a nationally recognized agency to verify organic authenticity. Organic Lemon will enhance the flavor of many dishes including chicken, fish and vegetables, and soups."

Click here to buy organic lemons.

Lemonade Lemons 

Fresh lemons. Surprise them with this hard-to-find premium lemon gift basket. Twenty-one (21) lemons, 1 citrus juice faucet, 1 citrus juicer, and 6 lemon recipes.  Your lemons are picked fresh and shipped directly from Limoneira orchards — the largest lemon producer in the U.S.  “Nothing brings back the warm memories of childhood better than fresh delicious lemonade. Our offering includes specialty wrapped Limoneira lemons that have been hand picked and tested for the optimal tangy-sweetness profile. . . [R]ecipes from some of today's leading taste makers.”  Limoneira gift boxes. Citrus boxes.  Buy lemons online. 



The lemon is the quintessential fruit that makes food sparkle. It has become synonymous with the word refreshing. (1)  

— Betty Wrenn Day, Food Editor
Gloucester-Mathews Gazette Journal


Buy Lemons, Limes & Avocados


Gourmet Eureka/Lisbon lemons, Persian limes, and premium Hass avocados.  “This gift makes cooking entertaining, fun, and flavorful. It all starts with premium Hass avocados along with the tools of the trade, an avocado slicer and scraper, to simplify any preparation for your favorite dip or garnish a fresh salad. It continues with premium Eureka/Lisbon lemons and hand picked Persian limes to provide that flavoring magic to tasty desserts, thirst quenching drinks, or savory entrees. We finish it with gourmet recipes from some of today's top chefs to keep the entertaining fun and eclectic.” Shipped in a collectible keepsake lithograph box.  Life gives lemons.  So can you. Limoneira gift boxes.  Limoneira citrus boxes.  Order gourmet lemons, limes and avocados


Lemons are indispensable. Without them there would be no hollandaise sauce, no Greek avgolemono soup, no lemon meringue pie. (2)

Carole Kotkin, Food Editor
The Wine News


Buy Meyer Lemons

Meyer Lemons. “5 pounds (5 lbs). of fresh Meyer Lemons.  Standard shipping is second day only.  Seasonal item.”  “Also referred to as cooking lemons and not to be confused with your standard lemons, Meyer Lemons are rounder in shape, have thinner skin and the skin may have an orange blush. Meyer Lemons are a cross between a lemon and an orange. They are a sweet tasting lemon which can be eaten whole including the peel. They have a nice tartness that gives a kick in everything they are used in and are well suited in desserts because of their flavor.”  Read customer lemon reviews and ratingsBuy Meyer lemons online

Taste of Citrus History - Collectible Crate Label Art.  "Colorful souvenirs of a bygone era, lithograph citrus packing labels once decorated every wooden crate of lemons and oranges Limoneira shipped starting in the late 1800's. We carefully sorted our citrus by size and quality, affixed the brand label, and then shipped the fruit out by hand-iced railroad carts or mules to their ultimate destinations. Today, more than a hundred years later, we aren't using mules to ship anymore. But we still take pride in packing our ripe, fresh orchard citrus for your holiday enjoyment.  Fruit selection may vary by season, delivery location, and product availability."  Limoneira gift boxes.  Buy a box of citrus.  Buy this distinctive lemons and oranges fruit gift selection.    

Buy Lemons Online

Fresh Lisbon lemons, Meyer lemons and Persian limes This gift pack includes 10 premium lemons, 10 Meyer lemons, 12 premium Persian limes, 4 cocktail swizzle sticks, 4 drink umbrellas, and 12 cocktail recipes.  Specially developed to fix healthy beverages using fresh and delicious California citrus grown and harvested in California orchards.  “First, we picked our Limoneira prized Meyer and premium lemons and paired them with our top of the line Persian limes. Next, we mixed in gourmet drink recipes from some of today's hottest bartenders. Finally, our cocktail swizzle sticks and drink umbrellas garnish your creations.” Where to buy Meyer lemons.  Limoneira gift boxes.  Order lemons fresh from the orchard



 Why I Love Lemons...

I love lemons because of their versatility. . . 

You actually can use the whole thing . . . they're great for garnishes, the grated peel as a flavoring, the juice over fish and vegetables, the shells as containers for tartar sauce with fish, for mint jelly or cranberry sauce or to serve yogurt, ice cream or sorbet.

When I'm working (styling food for photography), people say,  'Boy, it smells good in here.' 

Lemons really give out the aroma, and then you have the pleasure of the taste afterwards.

— B.J. Doerfling
Los Angeles Food Stylist


 Music for Lemon Lovers... 


With their enchanting perfume and exceptional flavor, lemons have long been celebrated by cooks, gardeners, and healers around the world. 

Their bracing juice helps to fend off sickness, adds piquancy to a sweet drink, and vibrancy to a fulfilling broth. (4)

— Kate Chynoweth, Author
Lemons – Growing, Cooking, Crafting



"For that old-fashioned front-porch feeling,
put your homemade lemonade
in a pretty pitcher filled with ice cubes.
Gather some fresh mint leaves
to garnish each tall, frosty glass,
and all your friends and family
will tell you the trouble was worth it. (5)

Joyce Rosencrans



Lemon Lover's Lemon Cake in Gift Tin. “This original recipe, created just for us, is one of the brightest-tasting desserts we've ever devoured.”  “Moist, delicious, and just the right amount of lemon. Serves 8 to 10 guests, depending on their powers of self-control. Packaged in a green gift tin - a wonderful present for any [occasion].” 
Click here to order the "Lemon Cake for Lemon Lovers."  

Buy Lemons and Oranges


Lemons and Oranges Ten (10) Eureka/Lisbon lemons, eight (8) Navel oranges, four (4) Valencia oranges, 14 citrus label note cards, 14 envelopes for note cards in citrus boxes.  "This great holiday or business gift includes 12 crate art label gift note cards, a delightful crate label calendar from the heart of Ventura County California, navel oranges, valencia oranges and premium lemons. A delicious taste of sunshine for a great gift for any occasion." 



(1) Betty Wrenn Day, Food Editor, “Look for lemon: Add almost any food,” Gloucester-Mathews Gazette Journal, Vol. LXXIII, No. 17 New Series, Gloucester, Virginia, Mathews, Virginia, Thursday, April 29, 2010
(2) Carole Kotkin,, “Without lemons, life would lack zest,” Miami Herald, May. 13, 2010.  See books by Carol Kotkin.  Follow Carole on Twitter.
(3) Sharon Sanders, “A Fan Tells Why She's Sweet on Lemons,” Chicago Sun-Times, March 18, 1993
(4) Kate Chynoweth and Elizabeth WoodsonLemons – Growing, Cooking, Crafting, Chronicle Books, San Francisco, California, 2003
(5) Joyce Rosencrans, Scripps Howard News Service, “Refreshing Ways To Use Lemons On Summer Days,” Press-Telegram, Long Beach, California, July 21, 1994, p. G9


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