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Buy Organic Lemons

Now you can buy organic lemons online...

Just a click away.  Delivered to you.  Right to your doorstep or the destination of your choice.  Click on any of the images or hyperlinked text below, make your selection, wait by the door and savor the refreshing taste, flavor and irresistible fragrance of fresh, juicy and ripe organic lemons with all of their healthy benefits.

buy organic lemons

Organic Lemons Shipped 

Organic Lemons.  35-38 lb. case of organic lemons.  “Lemons are used in many cuisines around the world. Our farmers use traditional earth-friendly farming methods inspected by a nationally recognized agency to verify organic authenticity.  Organic lemon will enhance the flavor of many dishes” including vegetables, soups, chicken and fish.  Citrus boxes.  Place your order to buy organic lemons.

Certified Organic Lemons

Organic Lemons. "Organic Lemons are different because they are all natural and full flavored.  Lemons are used in many cuisines around the world. Our farmers use traditional earth-friendly farming methods inspected by a nationally recognized agency to verify organic authenticity. Organic Lemon will enhance the flavor of many dishes including chicken, fish and vegetables, and soups."

Click here to buy organic lemons.

buy organic lemons


The lemon is "invaluable as a flavor enhancer and overall brightener… Lemon flavoring can be subtle or bold, and it can balance sweet or salty tastes or shine on its own." (1)

— Cynthia Hizer Jubera
Food Stylist


 Where to Buy Organic Lemons 

buy organic lemons online

Organic Lemons “Delicious and sweet sun drenched lemons.  Great for eating!  Great for juicing.”

Buy a 10-12 lbs. case of organic lemons. 

Buy a 17-20 lbs. case of organic lemons. 

Buy a 35-38 lbs. case of organic lemons.

 Buy Organic Lemon Juice 

Organic Lemon Juice.  Sold in packs of twelve 12.5-ounce bottles.

Lakewood Organic PURE Lemon Juice “is a 100 percent pure lemon juice that are made from USDA certified lemons. This juice does not contains any concentrates and contains essential micro-nutrients that are useful to maintains good health.” 

Read reviews of this product by customers who have purchased it. 

Click here to purchase Lakewood 100 percent organic lemon juice.

buy organic lemon juice

 Buy Organic Meyer Lemons

Fresh Picked Organic Meyer Lemons.  (Ten lbs).  100 percent organic Meyer lemons. "The best of the best lemons for juicing. These fresh picked Meyers Lemons are organic and biodynamically cultivated. Ideal for recipes calling for fresh squeezed lemon juice and/or zest.  Fresh and ripe.”  Citrus boxes.  Click here to place your order to buy organic Meyer lemons. 


 Why I Love Lemons...

I love lemons because of their versatility. . . 

You actually can use the whole thing . . . they're great for garnishes, the grated peel as a flavoring, the juice over fish and vegetables, the shells as containers for tartar sauce with fish, for mint jelly or cranberry sauce or to serve yogurt, ice cream or sorbet.

When I'm working (styling food for photography), people say,  'Boy, it smells good in here.' 

Lemons really give out the aroma, and then you have the pleasure of the taste afterwards.

— B.J. Doerfling
Los Angeles Food Stylist


 Music for Lemon Lovers... 


"For that old-fashioned front-porch feeling,
put your homemade lemonade
in a pretty pitcher filled with ice cubes.
Gather some fresh mint leaves
to garnish each tall, frosty glass,
and all your friends and family
will tell you the trouble was worth it. (3)

                                              — Joyce Rosencrans



(1) Cynthia Hizer Jubera, Food stylist, “The praiseworthy lemon does it all,” The Atlanta Journal and The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, Georgia, February 24, 1994, p. H/2
(2) Sharon Sanders, “A Fan Tells Why She's Sweet on Lemons,” Chicago Sun-Times, March 18, 1993 - Buy a case of lemons
(3) Joyce Rosencrans, Scripps Howard News Service, “Refreshing Ways To Use Lemons On Summer Days,” Press-Telegram, Long Beach, California, July 21, 1994, p. G9


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