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Where can I buy preserved lemons, you ask?  Right here.  Just a click away.  Now you can buy preserved lemons online and have them delivered to the destination of your choice!

Preserved Farmhouse Lemons “This jar of Preserved Farmhouse Lemons is so beautifully presented you might hesitate to open it but please do.  Traditional preserved lemons are an intense and sweet flavored Mediterranean condiment known for the labor-intensive manner in which they are prepared."

"They are hand-packed in a salt brine and scented with fresh lemon leaves."

buy preserved lemons

"Bella left the olives and the lemon leaves out so the Farmhouse lemons will stay yellow indefinitely. Simply scrape out the flesh of the lemon with the blunt edge of a knife and chop the rind finely. Use the rind to flavor roasted asparagus, poultry, or fold it into your favorite pound cake recipe. Moroccan recipes sparkle with the addition of Bella's Farmhouse Lemons.  Each jar contains 10 ounces net weight of Preserved Farmhouse Lemons by Bella Cucina.” Where can I buy preserved lemons, you ask?  You can buy preserved lemons right here.  

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where to buy preserved lemons

Moroccan Preserved Lemons (3 Jars)“Traditional Moroccan condiment, used in 50% of Moroccan cooking.  Their unique pickled taste and special silken texture cannot be duplicated with fresh lemon.  Use the rind in stews, with chicken and fish, also in spreads.  In morocco they are known as ‘Hamad Muraqqad’ and sold loose in the souks.”  “A classic Moroccan ingredient, preserved lemons lend an almost indecipherable flavor to a whole host of Moroccan dishes such as couscous, lamb and vegetables tagines, recipes for chicken and fish, and all manner of salads. 

The 'lemonness' you expect is softened and sour and salty elements combine with a hint of sweetness for an entirely new flavor experience. 

Mustapha's preserved lemons are cured and packed in a mild brine solution, which transforms the once bitter lemon rind into a completely different ingredient, one that you will find both enticing and indispensable, and not just for Moroccan cuisine. 

As Paula Wolfert - the world famous author of many cookbooks on Mediterranean cuisines - notes, "their unique pickled taste and special silken texture cannot be duplicated with fresh lemon or lime juice, despite what some food writers have said." Preserved lemons are usually rinsed to remove excess saltiness, and the rind can be blanched to remove even more of the saltiness. You can use the entire lemon if you wish, but the flesh is most often used in stews.

Try slicing preserved lemons thinly and tucking them into a fragrant stew or lentil dish, bake with fish or lamb or toss in a fresh vegetable salad. A twist of preserved lemon rind will make for one incredible martini. Preserved lemons are a common, though often unrecognized, flavor in Moroccan cooking. They are also an important ingredient throughout the rest of North Africa.

The distinctive texture and flavor of preserved lemons is essential to not only traditional Moroccan cooking, but also to the contemporary cooking of the some of the best chefs in the South of France, Spain, England, and right here in the USA.”  Read customer preserved lemon reviewsClick here to buy preserved lemons.  

Preserved Meyer Lemon in Olive Oil.  “A staple of kitchens from the South of France to North Africa, preserved Meyer lemon (an unusually sweet variety) brightens sauces, vinaigrettes, and even mashed potatoes with its subtle interplay of salt and citrus. When rubbed over fish before grilling or roasting, the lemony pulp imparts a fresh, light flavor.”  “Sweet Meyer lemons are preserved in brine and then combined with extra virgin olive oil. A seasonal product this is prepared only once a year with fresh, ripe Meyer lemons. Preserving the lemons in brine creates a subtle interplay of salty and citrus flavors. A versatile condiment that adds zesty flavor to vegetables and poultry. Toss with pasta, stir into soups and stews, or add to sauces and salad dressings.”  See customer ratings for this product and read preserved lemon reviews.  Click here to buy preserved lemons. 

where can i buy preserved lemons

Preserved Lemons “Preserved Lemons are a staple of many Mediterranean homes from Tunisia and Morocco to France and Spain. They may be preserved whole or in sections with a simple salt-water brine. They are generally added to fish, tagine [Tagines in Moroccan cuisine are slow-cooked stews braised at low temperatures] and white meat dishes. But adding a bit of finely minced preserved lemon to vegetables or rice brings an exotic dimension to these simple dishes.”  Buy preserved lemons

Moroccan Preserved Lemons.  (10.7 ounce)  “For hundreds of years the preferred lemon used for preserving in Morocco has been the "country" lemon, or leem.  Mustapha's Preserved Lemons are made with these savory lemons and will lend an unforgettable flavor to any dish. Perfectly whole preserved lemons float in a simple salt-water brine.  A traditional Moroccan condiment, the flesh can be used in stews, but it's the rind that is so valued.

lemons preserved

Simply wash before using and cut into thin slices, or blanche to remove all of the salt and bring out the natural mild sweetness. The key ingredient to many Moroccan dishes like stews and tagines; the flavor is mildly tart but intensely lemony. Jar contains two whole lemons.”  “Made in Morocco.  Lemons are preserved in a salt water brine.  Traditional Moroccan condiment.  Perfect for salad dressings.”  Wondering where to buy preserved lemons?  Buy preserved lemons right here.  

 Where to buy preserved lemons?  
Right here.

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 Why I Love Lemons...


I love lemons because of their versatility. . . 

You actually can use the whole thing . . . they're great for garnishes, the grated peel as a flavoring, the juice over fish and vegetables, the shells as containers for tartar sauce with fish, for mint jelly or cranberry sauce or to serve yogurt, ice cream or sorbet.

When I'm working (styling food for photography), people say,  'Boy, it smells good in here.' 

Lemons really give out the aroma, and then you have the pleasure of the taste afterwards.

— B.J. Doerfling
Los Angeles Food Stylist


With their enchanting perfume and exceptional flavor, lemons have long been celebrated by cooks, gardeners, and healers around the world. 

Their bracing juice helps to fend off sickness, adds piquancy to a sweet drink, and vibrancy to a fulfilling broth. (2)

— Kate Chynoweth, Author
Lemons – Growing, Cooking, Crafting



"For that old-fashioned front-porch feeling,
put your homemade lemonade
in a pretty pitcher filled with ice cubes.
Gather some fresh mint leaves
to garnish each tall, frosty glass,
and all your friends and family
will tell you the trouble was worth it.

Joyce Rosencrans (3)



(1) Sharon Sanders, “A Fan Tells Why She's Sweet on Lemons,” Chicago Sun-Times, March 18, 1993
(2) Kate Chynoweth and Elizabeth WoodsonLemons – Growing, Cooking, Crafting, Chronicle Books, San Francisco, California, 2003
(3) Joyce Rosencrans, Scripps Howard News Service, “Refreshing Ways To Use Lemons On Summer Days,” Press-Telegram, Long Beach, California, July 21, 1994, p. G9

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