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Lemon Wrap | Lemon Cover


Why are lemon wraps so popular with the world's top chefs?  Because they are the perfect elegant solution for keeping lemon seeds out of the dishes they serve. From beverages, refreshments, garnishes, entrees, desserts, and other dishes, your guests will love you for using lemon covers. No more annoying seeds in your salads, seafood, lemonade, green tea or hollandaise sauce.  Just pure flavor and refreshing taste.  You can't beat that.


 Lemon Wraps - How to Make Lemon Wraps

“To make a lemon wrap, cut out an eight-inch round of cheesecloth, place half a lemon cut-side down on the cheesecloth, then draw up the edges.

Tie at the neck with thread and trim away loose ends. Now, using any of your favorite fresh herbs, tuck small sprigs of basil, rosemary, thyme — even parsley — around the neck of the lemon wrap. (1)

Christine Huard
Writer and Editor


 Lemon Cover | Lemon Wrap

White lemon wraps. "Upscale and Stylish! Eco-friendly. High Quality. Great product from a great company."  "Color: White, 8 3/4 in. Diameter."  

Click here
to order this lemon cover lemon wrap.

lemon cover

 Regency Wraps | Lemon Covers

lemon wraps

Regency Lemon Wraps.  Twelve (12) Regency wraps. "Keeps lemon seeds out of food and beverages.  “Regency Lemon Wraps cover half or quarter of a lemon to keep seeds out seafood, salad [tea and other beverages]. Used by the top chefs all over the world to enhance presentation, now you can give your home cooked meal that professional chef grade finish."  Add a splash of color to the plate.  Click here to place your order for lemon wraps by Regency.

Lemon Wraps

"Lemon Wraps cover half or quarter of a lemon to keep seeds out seafood, salad and tea." 

"Used by the top chefs in the finest restaurants all over the world to enhance presentation, now you can give your home cooked meal that professional chef grade finish. 12 bright yellow wraps with green ribbons add a splash of color to the plate. 

Features: Cover lemon halves to keep seeds out of food and beverages the way professional chefs do. Keeps seeds out of food and beverages." 

"Used by professional chefs the world over.  Bright yellow wraps with green ribbon add a splash of color to the plate.  It's such a little thing but makes such a big difference.  Each package contains 12 cloth lemon wraps with 12 ribbon fasteners. No more pesky little seeds!"  Click here to place your order for these handy lemon wraps. 

Regency Stretch Wraps| Lemon Covers

lemon stretch wraps

Lemon Wraps - Regency Stretch Wraps.  "For lemon halves or wedges.  Elastic top makes it easy to apply.  Decorative on the plate and useful for keeping seeds out of food and beverage.  As seen in the top restaurants all over the world."  "Stretch Wraps are cotton covers with elastic tops for lemon halves and wedges. An [attractive] and useful way of keeping seeds from getting into seafood, salads, iced tea. Use by the top chefs of the finest restaurants the world over."  Read CUSTOMER REVIEWS of this product

lemon wraps online.

Lemon Wraps — With Green Ribbons

Lemon Wraps with Ribbons by Roland.  Pack of 1000.  "Lemon wraps are individual pieces of yellow cheese cloth, 9 to 10 inches in diameter. They come with a green ribbon for tying. They are packed in a master case in stacks of 100 or 200.  Lemon wraps offer convenience, with no mess no fuss. 'Wrap, tie, and squeeze.' Place one half of a lemon in the middle of the individual wrap. Pull the wrap together in the center and tie with a piece of green ribbon."  Click here to purchase lemon wraps with ribbons.

 Lemon Wraps — With Green Ribbons

Lemon Wrap with Ribbons.  Box of 1000.  “Cover a half or quarter of a lemon to create an upscale garnish for keeping seeds out of food and beverages.  Each wrap unfolded measures 8-1/2.”  Click here to order lemon wraps. 

lemon wrap lemon wraps

 Lemon Wraps — With Ribbons and Ties

Lemon Wraps. Twelve (12) in a package.  Lemon wraps with ribbons.  Includes ties.  Buy lemon wraps.


Lemons are indispensable. Without them there would be no hollandaise sauce, no Greek avgolemono soup, no lemon meringue pie. (2)

Carole Kotkin, Food Editor
The Wine News


lemon wrap



 Music for Lemon Lovers...  


 Why I Love Lemons...

I love lemons because of their versatility . . . 

You actually can use the whole thing . . . they're great for garnishes, the grated peel as a flavoring, the juice over fish and vegetables, the shells as containers for tartar sauce with fish, for mint jelly or cranberry sauce or to serve yogurt, ice cream or sorbet.

When I'm working (styling food for photography), people say,  'Boy, it smells good in here.' 

Lemons really give out the aroma, and then you have the pleasure of the taste afterwards.

— B.J. Doerfling
Los Angeles Food Stylist


With their enchanting perfume and exceptional flavor, lemons have long been celebrated by cooks, gardeners, and healers around the world. 

Their bracing juice helps to fend off sickness, adds piquancy to a sweet drink, and vibrancy to a fulfilling broth. (4)

— Kate Chynoweth, Author
Lemons – Growing, Cooking, Crafting



"For that old-fashioned front-porch feeling,
put your homemade lemonade
in a pretty pitcher filled with ice cubes.
Gather some fresh mint leaves
to garnish each tall, frosty glass,
and all your friends and family
will tell you the trouble was worth it. (5)

Joyce Rosencrans



 Lemon Wraps — Yellow with Green Ties 

lemon wrap

Lemon Wraps, Yellow with Green Ties.  1000 per case.  “Yellow lemon wraps keep lemons fresher longer!”  Place your order for lemon wrap with green ties.


(1) Christine Huard, Copley News Service, “From appetizers to salads to desserts, let lemon aid,” The Trenton Times, Trenton, New Jersey, July 17, 2002
(2) Carole Kotkin,, “Without lemons, life would lack zest,” Miami Herald, May. 13, 2010.  See books by Carol Kotkin.  Follow Carole on Twitter.
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(5) Joyce Rosencrans, Scripps Howard News Service, “Refreshing Ways To Use Lemons On Summer Days,” Press-Telegram, Long Beach, California, July 21, 1994, p. G9



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